Monty's Plant & Soil Products

Partners Since 2011

Innovation is the heart of this plant food company and as their brand manager, we’ve worked to bring that pioneering spirit to life in every touchpoint—from print catalogs and product labels to digital media. We have elevated their brand through the development of a strong visual identity system that’s consistently applied across every customer touchpoint. Over the years as the company has grown, it’s been our privilege to work with them to evolve the brand, expand their digital presence and position Monty’s as an industry leader and trusted advisor to the farming community.

Most recently our focus has been helping Monty’s bring their brand story to life on social media—ensuring brand consistency across all channels. We are visual storytellers delivering authentic, relatable and customer-centric content harnessing the power of on-brand and engaging images, videos, infographics and animations to connect to a range of customers and keep them coming back for more!