Partners Since 2012

As a business and creative partner for this global provider of gift card services, we play an integral role in building the SVS brand and developing engaging B2B strategies and concepts that help the company grow their market share in a highly competitive industry.

From evolving and elevating the brand to leveraging visual storytelling to simplify messaging and turn basic sales materials (like Powerpoint!) into impactful mediums, our focus is to differentiate the brand and generate engagement.

To solidify their positioning as a premium brand in the stored value marketplace with a wide range of creative gifting solutions, we created a luxurious product lookbook. The book beautifully showcases the company’s top gift card designs as their own unique, brilliant works of art, capturing the attention of prospective retail partners.

We work closely (and quickly!) with SVS on new business proposals for major retail chains to help prospective clients imagine out-of-the-box, creative gift card solutions. From unique card designs to innovative card carriers, in-store POP displays and animated eCards, we create a wide range of possibilities to make an ordinary gift card, extraordinary.